Are you looking for an exclusive gift for an important occasion or a special person?

The solution we created is just for you! A luxurious gift box that contains the latest technology, the joy of creation with lasting artistic value.

To order

    The key in the box will connect you to Artifact
    Intelligence creative module, where you will create unique ones from your text


    Mark the picture you like and
    order its production. The production and sending of the picture to the recipient is already included in the price
    gift box price.


    Get your painting designed, produced and certified
    at the specified address. Hang it at home, in the office, or give it to someone you created it for
    this unique work of art.

What's inside?


- Unique key which
scan with your phone or computer to join the painting process
module where Artificial Intelligence will turn your words into an image.

- Collectible Souvenir Canvas - 1 of a collection of 10,000 different NFT images.

- Unique 0x0.art

- Production of your created picture,
certification and shipping are included in the price of the box.

Examples of created paintings


If you still have questions


Gift box delivery in Lithuania
- free of charge. The deadline for sending is up to 3
dd after ordering.

User's manual

1. If you use a mobile phone - turn on the phone's camera or QR scanner and scan the SCAN 1 code on the card. If you are using a computer, enter https://draw.0x0.art in the browser field
2. On the website that opens, click "Connect Wallet"
3. Select 0X0.ART Gift Card, when prompted by the system, allow using the device's video camera.
4. Scan the SCAN 2 qr code on the card. Hold it directly in front of the camera, it may take up to 5 seconds to scan.
5. Enter the PIN code that is printed on the holographic sticker inside the box.
6. Enter your text (English) in the Text prompt box.
7. Select the main creative style: Art type
8. Specify the desired format: Aspect ratio
9. Continue experimenting with the settings: Art style, Artist style, Main color.
10. You can leave the current settings everywhere, then the system will choose randomly.
11. After entering the text and selecting the settings, press AI, please create!
12. It takes about 30 seconds to create a recovery.
13. You will get 4 options at once. If you want to create again - you can change or add text, change settings and press Re-Generate.
14. You can order the production of the picture you like. After selecting the picture, press Print Art at the bottom, enter the necessary information in the window that appears and confirm the order, enter the recipient's address. ATTENTION, after this step (clicking "Print Art"), the browser will not allow you to return to the window where the last 4 pictures were created. On return - you will need to create pictures again)
15. After ordering the painting, it is delivered to the address specified by the author within 14 days.

If you have any questions, write to giftcard@0x0.art

Additional fees

The price of the gift box includes the box
sending, access to the picture creation module, selected created picture
production, certification and delivery in the territory of Lithuania. Shipping to
abroad - for an additional fee according to the valid rates of parcel services.


The gift box has no expiration date.

Want to impress?

0x0.art gift box is a great solution when you need an exclusive gift. It will be loved not only by art lovers, but also by friends and partners!